Kwesi Appiah explains why he is quitting football; says he doesn’t want to die poor

Former Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah has stated that he is no longer interested in continuing a career in football and is now focusing his energy on other ventures.

The 60 year old former Ghana captain left his last role with the Black Stars following the expiration of his contract in December 2019.

While Appiah did not give enough details at first about why he was quitting football, he has now opened up about his decision.

“I’m not interested in talking about any football issues for now. I don’t know, maybe tomorrow I will change my mind but for now I’m not interested”, Appiah said.

Explaining his decision, Kwasi Appiah stressed that many past footballers would have been living in destitute if they depended solely on football.

“Most of the old players are blind now; some can’t even walk while some are really struggling for a living.

So if they had concentrated only on football, that would have been their end.

So do they (referring to those who have issues with his decision) want my ending to be like such people?

If I’m taken out of the Black Stars won’t I do other businesses?

My concentration is on other businesses I do. My concentration is not on football for now”, he explained.

He also hinted that he believes most footballers who are struggling or do struggle to make ends meet because they did not diversify their investments.

“Our footballers, I’m not saying they did not do well but at the end of the day if during their playing days, started other businesses with part of the money they made from playing, like by now they wouldn’t be looking up to football earnings alone.

So in everything you do if you rely on only one job, one day you can be sacked or the job can fade, then what becomes of you?

So I was talking in relation to, you don’t depend on one job, me I have never depended on one job, so if you leave one place then you look at the other side too”, he stressed.